Painting together weekly, we dream, create, connect and express continuously.

The courses consist of 4 workshops and contain learning goals emphasising the topic of interest. 

The sessions are 2 hours long and the participants could stay one hour longer to work at their own pace.

Register for any course that is of interest to you by sending an email to When there are enough participants, you will be contacted.



Joy of Intuitive Art


250 SEK/session or 800 SEK/4 session2

12:00 - 14:00

The individuals are lead to express freely without any judgment, expectations or predetermined ideas tapping into their intuition using pencils, pens, acrylic paints and mixed media. All materials are included. Cost 250 SEK/session or 800 SEK/4 sessions

Explore The Elements Of Art

2400 SEK/8 sessions or 400 SEK/ session

To understand the secrets behind the masterpieces and want to enhance your artistic skills, our comprehensive 8-session course is the perfect opportunity for you.

There is also a possibility to attend one or few of these workshops independently. The language of the course is in English, the instructor can communicate in basic Swedish. All materials are included.

Course contents:

Gain a profound understanding of how the elements of art combine to create stunning compositions through a variety of topics:

LINES: Discover the versatility of lines with drawing still life objects, express emotions through different qualities of lines, and guide the viewer’s eye into the artwork.

TEXTURES: Embark on a tactile journey as you experiment with various techniques.

COLOURS: Uncover the power of colour theory and experiment to evoke mood and symbolism.

VALUE: Master the art of light and shadow to give your creation a three dimensional quality.

SHAPE AND FORM: Learn how to manipulate them to create visual interest and depth.

SPACE: Learn to create depth, making your artwork come alive in a multi dimensional world.

BALANCE AND HARMONY: Understand the principles of different balance, proportion and unity and how to use them.

CONTRAST AND EMPHASIS: Explore the techniques to guide the viewer and tell your story.

Who should attend?

This course welcomes participants of all levels especially beginners looking to build a solid artistic foundation. Come with an open mind, a passion for creativity, and a desire to learn and grow.

Course Benefits:

  • Gain an understanding of how the Elements of Art interact.
  • Enhance your ability to create captivating and visually engaging artworks.
  • Elevate your artistic confidence and expressiveness.


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Drawing 101

2 to 3 hours for 4 sessions

Learn techniques to draw taking into consideration proportion and aesthetics, light and shadow, using charcoal and coloured pencils. The cost is 1000 SEK/4 sessions.


All sessions will have a short theoretical explanation that will turn into hands-on. During the sessions, you will implement the learning and work on your own composition.

Kindly, send an e-mail to to inform that you cannot join. So, the instructor will not wait for you. Then, your session could rescheduled. 

Absolutely, you explore the topic and work on your own composition or expression.


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Lund – Sweden


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